A border crisis which reaches beyond the border

By John R. Roberts

When I was growing up my family, like any good Christians, would frequent our local Mexican restaurant almost every Sunday after church. I have still yet to find that commandment in Holy Scripture, but every other family also did it so I’m sure it is part of the protestant sacraments. We would go to the Hispanic eatery, get the messiest and most queso covered dish they could conjure up in the kitchen. It was always so satisfying. But among the tortilla chips, salsa, and American inspired Mexican dishes (I’m still trying to wrap my mind around that concept myself) there was always some sort of racial slur blurted out from one of the God fearing white patrons of the place. Whether it was a simple comment regarding how the restaurant should use English words to describe their dishes or as extreme as making statements about how the workers were part of a larger problem of Hispanics ruining the US economy, the statements always were striking to me even as a young boy. Continue reading